127 199x300 Hello, my name’s Vivi!Hello, my name’s Vivi, and I have lots of cool things to tell you about myself. Well, what to start with? OK, let me tell a few words about my hobbies, about my main hobby actually! In fact, I’m a photographer-model… Never heard anything of the kind? Well, yes, I adore to take photos of the people at their spiciest moments, but I love to be shot not less than taking photos! The whole zest about my hobby is that I take nude or ero photos mostly, and posing totally naked POV is like honey to my soul! In a words, photography is my second self! I regularly hold erotic photosessions and I’m ready to do it at any time and place, gaining genuine sexual pleasure. I don’t forget to get undressed and take part in nude photosessions arranged by world-beating photographers! Rendering naked female and female bodies is my weakness… As many my acquaintances, I look like Ancient Aphrodite on the nude photos, and this fact stirs up my interest. My practical hobby lets me not only make living but also travel all around the world, make friends with outstanding people and… and.. Well, I won’t make a mystery of my fondness of free sexual relationships with both sexes (I never mind group sex either), and this is the point at which my story starts picking up steam!

Los Angeles gained this name not in vain, and it must be the truth that all people arriving here get high-spirited admiring shining sun, lovely nature, high mountains and never calm Pacific Ocean. Being plunged in the wave of windings during the first two-three days, I was happy to find myself capable of mustering up strength and getting into hard fruitful work over head. Sometimes, even the laziest person gets tired of idleness and gets down to taking efforts to change in his life. I made up my mind to become a ‘good girl’ at least for some days. My closest task was choosing a group of photogenic boys and lassies and some place (preferably on some nice sandy beach :-) for taking tons of ero pics of all niches I had planned even before coming to Los Angeles. Picking up a band of guys ready to work day and night appeared to be as easy as ABC and selecting a place at the municipal beach was even easier! Right after recovering and hooking a team of fans, I came to hold 5-6 active sessions every day that were immediate to yield fruitful results for me and my reputation. Some of the local erotic photo giants even invited me to the agency to provide my portfolio and make ero photo session for no charge in LA. Hell! It was really shocking for me! Imagine! I was offered to organize a totally free photo session and publish it in Penthouse!
So, the practice shows that when taking efforts and aspiring for doing some really nice work, I’m always on the top with my tons of pics and it’s rather hard to compete with me! :-) So, how about casting a look at some of these supreme sex photos right now?

I won’t be able to share all impressions of mine about LV, its horny residents and fiery girls with you as it’s gonna take too much time, but I’ll better shift to the next point of my travel that is LA, Los Angeles of course and its-never ending summer, gaiety and high time. LV and LA resemble each other to a certain extent, but now we are coming close to LA in particular. Los Angeles International Airport met me with all turmoil, commotion and people running in all directions. Firstly, I was paralyzed by all its business, but after taking a breath of fresh air, settling in the Tower Beverly Hills, all went as if I had lived in Los Angeles all my life. This endville life of the 24/7 entertainment caught me and didn’t let out for not less than a week probably! Taking solo, lesbian and hard piccies weren’t excluded from the scope of my plans, but firstly and foremostly I was eager to feast eyes on world-famous sightseeing places and fleshpots. What were they? Mostly all other ones visited by millions of tourists like Venice, Griffith Observatory, Hollywood Sign… The twirl of 24/7 entertainment life in LA let me pay visit to closed swinger and celeb windings that existed in fairy tales I had thought so before that. Snatching moments in the back rooms of night bars and restaurants I was taking hot lesbian and hardcore pics you might want to see at leisure! (soon….)

Sometimes, the parties lasted for so long and getting sober was so much difficult that it took me hours to stand to come to myself! Those days getting online or even writing somewhere was a nasty hardship! Yes, I was planning to take some newer piccies, but those intensions… you know

Staying at any place for too long makes me really bored sooner or later, and it doesn’t matter how bright, exclusive or even expensive a city might be! Being permanently out of earnings, I find some sponsor without problems and make a good living. Guess you’ve noticed this already! :-)   So, it wasn’t because of money that I had to depart Phoenix. I was just a few hundred miles away from ‘The Gambling Capital of the World’ and just couldn’t help changing the place and people I was surrounded by for this world-beating hot spot! What’s more, I ran out of creative inspiration in Phoenix and defined Las Vegas as the next point of my all-American travel. This place is known as shelter for a lot of celebs, so hoping to take a few shots from someone’s celeb life, I flew to Las Vegas. Right after arriving and stopping at the Treasure Island Hotel & Casino, I went on the search for places and people I could take cool shots of! No use to explain what kind of adventures a young sex-appeal girl may find in LV! I was stricken by the number of expensive hotels, luxurious casinos, fabulous disco-bars and all like that! But my keenest interest was towards celeb life and I was really lucky to find Hollywood actors and big noises it was pleasant to take a stroll around tenderloin districts with. I won’t tell you their names not because they are too much eminent, but it’s just not the main aim of my story.
LV was the most interesting for me from the photo-making perspective. It wasn’t hard for me to get acquainted with some of the ‘street-walker’ type of girls right in the street and invite them to my hotel apartment. They needed money badly, so taking all clothing off and being photographed for some explicit solo nude photos was out of question for them! Their personal beauty was excellent and the way they posed didn’t cause any doubts or misunderstandings! You have a rare chance to rave about beauty of these solo porn princesses and share your views about them right on my personal site!

As soon as I made comfortable myself in Phoenix, I started looking for new friends (as I do it in every city actually) and emotions! Usually, it makes no hardships for me, and Phoenix proved to be extremely fruitful in this relation! So, I got engaged into a lot of new acquaintances with pretty models and lads! I can’t explain why but in Phoenix I wanted to dance all the time. It could happen cause I had made friends with several local DJs in night clubs and decided to spend more time in nasty discos. You see, Phoenix is a very hot city all around the year and all the people residing or taking leave in it seem to be extremely hot-tempered and easy-going! They are all crazy about funny life, restaurants, nasty discos, making sex after midnight in public places and all that kind of stuff! In short, the life is gushing over in Phoenix round the clock and there’s nothing that can be done about it! In this city, I was said that I would found the prettiest models in nasty discos at the first try as all those spicy places were like clover for them! As I don’t choose my victims very long, my offerings were the first two electric hotties I found in the night club! All drunk and blowing strippers’ penises at the closed ladies party, they were the best teenies for my future lesbian photo-session. Actually, it took place in the nearest small side room with my camera, little pinky bed, lots of fondle kisses and two caressing pretty models!

Whether my work is effective or not depends on whether I am in a good mood and if I encounter romantic people who may turn my crank. Usually, it may be a sexy young girl or two of them who get me adrenalized and embrave me! This time it was the reception girl at the Clarendon Hotel I stopped at! Come on! She was a tender young stunner named Laura with the bust of the third size and ass that had enough place for a wardrobe. We made friends immediately and her winking I understood as a possible night visit. I was looking forward to the evening of that day and she arrived in her best bib and tucker! Laura was a hot girl and taking nude photos of hers in the suite of mine promised to be really killing! I didn’t have to implore her to get undressed… Actually, she entered the room almost undressed! Long to see nu shots of hers! Here is the best nude set of Laura:

P2056138 Nude photos are coming

Eventually, I’m leaving Denver and sallying out to Phoenix, AZ expecting new affecting experiences and memorable scenes. Every city I visited on my way around the US excited me with its places of interest, curious people and successful nude photo-sessions I undertook in each city. Phoenix met with all warmth and delight it was capable of! I landed at the Phoenix International Airport and found myself at the centre of events. Its long and wide streets amazed me from the very beginning. Long and massive skyscrapers, shopwindows of luxurious boutiques and wide never-ending avenues were exact attributes of the high living. After making inquiries, I was recommended to pay visit to Saint Mary’s Basilica, Tovrea Castle, Camelback Mountain and lots of other worthy sightseeing spots. By the way, the Phoenix Metropolitan Area is known as the Valley of the Sun and Phoenicians are really like sun. Soon, you’ll understand that the amount of affecting experiences and memorable scenes I obtained will contribute to taking a huddle of classy piccies about which I’ll talk about in the next paragraph of my round US tour story.

To make some money for arriving at the new city (I’m still choosing it), I was recommended to organize a virtual or ordinary public auction at which I would be able to sell at least a part of my naked shots taken in the course of my staying in Denver. As I supposed, my nude photos made in Denver as a consequence of productive sessions were of the highest quality. Nevertheless, I didn’t make oodles of money and I was going to become out of business again soon! A local auction firm helped me to carry out everything within two days and … and… I don’t even know how to explain that, but I was additionally advised to put up my vagina for an auction! I don’t remember how much I received after selling thirty nude photos of mine, but making love with two bean flickers at the closed swinger club party brought much more income! I don’t know how, but I managed to photo some couples making hardcore porn before my camera! Take a gander at several nude shots of hardcore orgy! I wasn’t that drunk, see! :-)

P7068697 01 225x300 Putting up nude photos at auctionP7068690 01 225x300 Putting up nude photos at auction

My staying in Denver is slowly coming to the end! And it’s a great pity for me to leave this large city, but my round US tour is going on, and I can’t do anything about it! If you noticed I managed to combine work and pleasure in this city. To obtain some new impressions not only about Denver, but about Colorado in general, I went on certain excursions around Colorado, and I must acknowledge it was totally marvelous! In particular, I visited Crow Canyon Archeological Center, Manitou Springs and Mesa Verde National Park. Hey, they must be the last remains of the wild nature in the West of the USA! Still, it was so cool and breathtaking that I swore I would come back to this mountainous US statу at all accounts! After excursions around local cliffs and caves, I got involved into productive sessions with an army of spicy cuddle-bunnies! I was pledged to make oodles of money as a result of these productive sessions, but it wasn’t to be! I made close friends with two spicy cuddle-bunnies named Liz and Emily. Their bodies were especially attractive, and I decided to present the results of my photo-sessions with them to public attention! Take a look at them!

P7228501 225x300 The most resultative days in DenverP7228504 225x300 The most resultative days in Denver

It was Thursday when we made over 300 shots during one day and by the end of the day, I was so exhausted I couldn’t brush my teeth or … Thanks goodness, Dick gave me a lift and took me to my hotel! He was going to pay me a visit for 5 minutes, but he didn’t leave until the next morning. Don’t ask what we did during that night! There was champagne in the bath, making sex in the penthouse, pouring wine from the 21st store and cursing at the top of the voice. In the morning it was decided to take some relief and hold a picnic out of city! Dick said he would drive home just for an hour to take shower and change outfit! When he brought me to the green forest two hours later, there appeared to be two teeny lesbians waiting for us with prepared lunch and all necessary photo equipment. This time we were taking holiday outdoors paunching sandwiches, drinking whisky, making shots of two pinky girls getting laid right on the lawn and rejoicing at rivers of letch-water. Don’t you wish some sexy fresh nude shots of those young hot courtesans?

P7079288 01 300x225 On the picnicP7079291 01 300x225 On the picnic

Ever made shots of the nude character at the private apartment? You have? So, you must realize how thrilling on the one hand, and threatening it may be on the other (morality police you see :-) it can be! So, that’s what I was doing during the first two days of my staying in Denver. I was phoned by Richard, an old friend of mine, who lived in this very city and was very angry to learn I had arrived in Denver several days ago and hadn’t let him know by that time yet! Richard is a famous Denver nu-photographer and making some joint sessions with him seemed to be a very good idea for me! What’s more, working with Dick was always like taking holiday, and that was what I need the best of all at that moment. Dick proposed to get together at one of his private apartments in the downtown and arrange a nude photo-session with several couples that would make hardcore porn POV. Once we got together, there started work, and making shots in different positions took us all day. With all that, Dick remained to be absolutely calm while I was burning with insatiable desire, and after a while all my tolerance fizzled out gradually! The proper moment has arrived, and I got up to my neck in team cream! Still, the naked photos of hardcore pairs we made with Dick at the private apartment on that day proved to be really fantastic! Here are the most beautiful hardcore bust photos:

P6227494 01 300x225 Taking holiday in Denver P6227512 01 300x225 Taking holiday in Denver

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